Time For a Change

I haven’t written anything on this site, other than small updates, for more than a year. That has bothered me for quite some time. Quite simply, it’s time for a change on.

A lot has changed over that time. I’m now a Dr. as I completed my PhD just over 16 months ago now. I’m immersed in trying to secure full-time employment in academia. So while I continue to read literature and discuss it with others, quite simply, I don’t have time to focus on it exclusively.

I plan to write about the areas that have become my main areas of academic specialization. Childhood, in historical context and in the here and now, politics, and Canadian history are the areas where I spend the bulk of my time reading, researching, writing, and lecturing.

I’ll use the site as an outlet and hopefully a resource for others that are interested in elements related to these large, and at least to my mind, extremely important topics. I am also in the process of expanding my interests in running, fitness and coaching. In the coming months I am planning an additional site and build, at least modestly, a space dedicated solely to those passions.

I hope you’ll join me as I begin this new journey and continue to pursue that elusive full-time teaching position in academia. Thanks for coming this far!

If You Go Into the Woods Today…

My next review will be of Trent University Archivist Jodi Aoki’s Revisiting “Our Forest Home”: The Immigrant Letters of Frances Stewart. These letters span over 75 years and represent the immigrant experience of one of the first ‘pioneer’ women in the Peterborough area. Jodi has also agreed to doing an interview with me. Look for the review and interview in the coming weeks.